It was a beautiful Saturday morning  for the launch event of the Adidas Supernova Glide BOOST runners for women.  On my arrival at 9:30am, I was greeted by Gugu who handed me my Adidas pack and SURPRISED me with “You can change into your trainers for the 3km run”.

Editor in Chief arriving at Adidas launch event

Editor in Chief arriving at Adidas launch event

I’ve never run on outside terrain, the treadmill was my friend.  Nonetheless, I looked around and saw other bewildered and nervous media folk there too.  I then headed on to the change room and unpacked my goodie bag – Oh how I love new things.  My Adidas pack consisted of socks, grey tights, a pink top, an mp3 player and the new Supernova Glide BOOST trainers -YAYY.  Feeling excited about my new gear and how good I looked after losing 7kgs, I was now pumped and ready to join the ladies in a good run.

Upfront, leading the run was Gareth Cliff and Pabi Moloi.  I was alongside Akeelah Harron (Fashion Breed), Tarryn Kay (Goodhope fm ) and Iptishaam Davids (Stitched the blog).   For the regular runners this was a walk in the park, for me and a few others it was a new and exciting challenge.

Gareth Cliff, Roshan Isaacs, Pabi Moloi and Adidas

Amazed at how the shape and cushioning of the shoe created a comfortable fit, a soft feeling on impact, a boost on lift off and truly made you glide, I was inspired to continue testing out these babies. The rest of my week looked like this:

  • MONDAY – zumba class
  • TUESDAY – run around Rondebosch common
  • WEDNESDAY- treadmill incline and 15min run

I can confidently say these runners truly glide and keep me wanting to run some more and run some more I will!

For more info on the shoe itself check out the press release here:   Adidas Supernova Glide BOOST

Happy Gliding Girls,


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