Trend: Sports Luxe

This is one trend that came off the street and onto the runway. It started on the street because…let’s face it… everyone is forever on the go, working & rushing to get one thing or the other done. Gorgeous six inch heels are a dream to look at but completing an 8 hour day with the crazy lifestyles we have these days without at least damaging our health, is a tall order.  So we (people on the streets) created a trend – Sports Luxe.

Our affinity for glamour and our need for practicality created a trend by default. So why am I writing this post? The sports lux trend is simple enough to pull off; However it can feel awkward the first few times you wear it. I mean, a skirt suit with sneaker?! It takes some courage to step out in that, but in the end your feet & crazy lifestyle will thank you.

Here are some examples from the runway of how you can wear the sports  luxe trend look.

Tuelo Nguyuza Photo credit: SDR

Tuelo Nguyuza Photo Credit: SDR

Selfi Photo credit: SDR

Selfi Photo Credit: SDR

by Moyin Oloruntoba


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