Trends: Pink VS Navy

This seems to be a debate that starts from the time you are born. Baby girl = pink; baby boy = blue. If colours could fight, these two would probably have the biggest rivalry. For some reason, we’ve decided it always has to be either/or.

If you are feminine, soft & sweet – you must love pink (or so they say). You love running through rose gardens, having tea parties with your dollies (now friends), having your hair, nails and makeup always perfectly done, and have cute court shoes that you wear with beautiful floral dresses.

Tsotetsi KI Photo credit: SDR

Tsotetsi KI Photo credit: SDR

If you are highly intelligent, confident & sophisticated – you must love navy. You love the boardroom, enforcing your authority and power, you are conservative and you love stability. You go out each morning knowing exactly how you are going to tackle the day and no one will stop you. Focused!

Why must we be divided? Don’t get me wrong; contrary to what is said above wearing pink isn’t all about sunshine and roses. You can show femininity with authority and confidence. Look at Tsotetsi KL’s collection at Mercedes Benz fashion week Johannesburg. Any woman can feel confident, walk into a boardroom focused & conquer it in one of his looks. You don’t need navy to do that.

Selfi Photo credit:SDR

Selfi Photo credit:SDR

With navy you can look and feel feminine, soft and sweet, wearing a Selfi ensembleto afternoon high tea with friends at the Mount Nelson, or express your edgier side while wearing a piece from the Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen collaboration. You don’t always have to tie certain attributes to certain colours.

This season, these two colours are part of the biggest trends and somehow have people bringing back the old debate of pink vs blue or specifically in this season, blush pink vs  Navy blue. Really?

I’ve got the solution: Wear both. Even in one outfit (Navy and Pink work really well together). Most importantly, be true to yourself.

In other words…there’s no need for “versus”.

by Moyin Oloruntoba



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