Optiphi Skincare Q&A’s

How did optiphi begin?

optiphi is a skincare company part of the Southern Group of Companies. The Group specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of medical devices and applications in various medical disciplines. optiphi – a True Skin Rejuvenation range was born out of research done in our Southern Biotech Wound Care Department – which led to a skin-centric project:

“What would be the best thing to put on your skin?”

As a brand, we strive to expand our research and development efforts, set new trends in the anti-aging market and incorporate the latest technological advancements into our product formulations. The optiphi range was created utilizing the multi-disciplinary expertise of the Southern Group of Companies, ranging from Biotechnology to Tissue Engineering. Through our expertise in Bio-Medical fields, we were in a position to conceptualize, create and test the best active solutions available to rehabilitate the skin. Technical Director, Dr. Hugo Nel, is a plastic surgeon by profession – he has expertise in the study of fetal wound healing and tissue engineering, with a special interest in skin regeneration and the treatment of burn victims.

– a True Skin Rejuvenation range was born out of research done in our Southern Biotech

How local is the optiphi brand – ingredients, manufacture, packaging, etc?

Our new Classic Skincare Range was recently announced the 2014 Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence Award Winner! optiphi is a Proudly South member company – supporting innovative South African companies, products and services which are actively helping to create jobs and economic growth.

We are proud to say that all research, development and design, as well as product manufacturing is done at our head office in SA. Our active ingredients sourced both locally and some are imported to ensure the best possible quality active ingredients your skin requires. To ensure that these active ingredients do not get damaged or degrade before or during use packaging which is airless and lightless.

What separates optiphi from other skincare brands?

optiphi is a premium brand and will not compromise on aesthetics and product quality. We strive to create True Skin Rejuvenation through the use of the optimal concentration of active ingredients used in synergy with one another to allow for Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) on a cellular level.

optiphi ensures that your skin is at optimal balance. The aim of the optiphi product range is to rejuvenate the skin using the maximum concentration of active ingredients, at the maximum beneficial concentrations used in synergy with each other. The result will be physiologically younger skin – our range addresses the seven signs of aging namely: dehydration, impaired skin barrier function, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, fine lines, enlarged pores and erythema(redness).

See skin results with our actives ranges, and spoil yourself by trying one of our professional treatments – our Skin Rejuvenation Chemical Peel is perfect to rejuvenate, minimize pigmentation – specifically with a medical approach and our Classic Treatments are great for plumping and restoring skin radiance.

Your optiphi product range favourites?

Every person has their own favourite optiphi product – the results and your specifc skin concerns will probably dictate your favourites…Our picks include:


The Rejuvenating Revitalizer is the ultimate anti-aging product, as it not only combats the signs of aging – but also reverses damage already done to the skin! With active ingredients specially formulated to reverse sun damage and even assist with the treatment of acne and scarring – your skin’s youthfulness can be renewed. The Rejuvenating Revitalizer employs actives aimed to build the skin as well as repair and reduce moderate and deep wrinkles.


Our Facial Cleanser is loved by all, the gel cleanser is incredibly gentle on the skin – so much so, that it can be used to remove make-up over the eye-area. The Cleanser contains Salycilic Acid  You will also find that due t due to our pH5.5 formulation – your skin stays balanced – completely eliminating the need for a toner to rebalance the pH.


The Refine-Foliant α. Β, C is a triple advanced chemical exfoliant designed to refine dull looking skin and boost radiance.


Award winning Set the Canvas is a primer which will assist you in creating skin that is matt, looks flawless and refined. Woman & Home voted our Set the Canvas as the ‘Best Porefecter’ primer for an all-day photo-finish.


The Hydra-Derm HA Masque is a firm favourite – reinstate skin moisture with our hydrating Hyaluronic Acid active-complex leave-on masque. This masque will actively promote skin plumping, target the signs of aging – tightening and lifting, and conquer skin fatigue.

Are there any beauty & skincare trends/developments that we should know about?

We will be launching our new Classic Age-Defying Professional Skin Treatment – as we have seen a demand from consumers for something new and unique. Our new Advanced Age-Defying Classic Treatment is a sensory treatment which utilizes advanced gerontology principles to stimulate molecule expression for improved skin illumination, skin brightening and to help re-energize skin cells.

We have also just launched our optiphi Curve Body Lotion – this is a 24-hour hydrating Body Lotion – for all over application with long-term skin benefits!

Read our magazine to see how you can win an optiphi hamper!

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