A Fresh NEW Collection of Innovations from LUSH

This latest collection from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been designed to make you feel Lush all over this winter. There’s something for everyone; ranging from bath treats, to soaps, to massage bars. All are made with the finest ingredients, some of which are coming from our Sustainable Lush Funded (SLush Fund) projects; are selfpreserving and cruelty free.

African Paradise body conditioner

A heavenly in-shower body conditioner packed with African oils, butters and fruits. We are beyond excited about the birth of the very first product invented and developed especially for South African Lushees! Brain-child of Rowena Bird, founder and regular Africa-traveller, African Paradise is the epitome of Lush luxury AND ethics. A self-preserving in-shower body conditioner full of conditioning ingredients from SLush Funded projects in Africa, such as: softening Fair Trade shea butter and Fair Trade Moringa oil from Ghana to brighten the skin; cooling Fair Trade fresh Aloe Vera from Kenya; and Ylang Ylang from Ghana in the fragrance blend. We are also starting to use ingredients from new SLush Fund projects, such as Baobab oil from a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana; and Marula oil from South Africa.

How to use:
Use it like a conditioner: after washing, apply to damp skin in the shower and lightly rinse to leave your skin feeling soft and silky all day.
ZAR 325 /for 245g

SLush Fund

The SLush Fund is based on the principles of the Permaculture movement, which is a natural design system based on enriching local
ecosystems and offering sustainable alternatives to conventional agriculture. The £1.2 million spent has helped to support the on-going
development of 32 projects in 19 different countries in the last 3 years. The three main principles of Permaculture are at the heart of every
SLush initiative: care of the earth, care of its people and fair share. Lush regularly sets up new SLush projects, like the Marula oil in African
Paradise, that’s being produced in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

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