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Style Africa chats to award winning beauty blogger Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch.

What made you start a beauty blog and why?

I started the beauty blog because it seemed a natural progression from being a makeup artist. I get to work with amazing magazines in SA shooting editorials and wanted to share my tips and tricks and products I love. My friends were always asking for tips and video’s so initially I started the blog with my friends in mind. It just snowballed from there.

When did you start and how have you and your blog grown since then?

I started in February last year but I tweeted it a little bit so officially 1st march 2013. I then entered into the Fairlady Best of beauty awards I won the Best Beauty Blogger in Oct so that was very exciting for me. My followers have grown massively over the past year wit out 3000 unique visitors a month but my blog is still in its early days.



What’s your favourite make up or hair trend at the moment for winter 2014?

My favourite makeup trend for this winter is the undone smokey eye where it doesn’t have to be perfect it’s almost a worn in look and is very cool paired with a fresh face and a nude lip, I also love the dark berry lip worn with a fresh face or a plum/berry smokey eye if you going all out, especially the 2 tone dark lip as it looks amazing. For hair I love the textured look its very cool and so easy to achieve at home and I absolutely love the textured bun.




What inspires your personal style?

My fashion isn’t really inspired by anyone I know in my mind what I want and then I try find it. I know what suits me and which brands work for me. I love being in jeans and heels when I can and dressing it up with a beautiful top, I am also a lover of dresses I can’t get enough of them, and am all about the accessories since me and my sister started importing jewellery from overseas.

What makes you proudly African?

I am a London girl living in Cape Town married to the most amazing South African man and have 2 beautiful kids who are very much South African so hopefully that makes me proudly African as this is now my home and has been for the past 6 years.

What advice do you have for aspiring beauty bloggers?

If you are looking to become a beauty blogger then it needs to be a real passion as that will shine through when you write, invest time into your blog which means posting as much as possible to keep it fresh, try to incorporate products you love into posts like get the look or how to create glowing skin as when someone comes to a new blog they want to learn tips and tricks and how to apply makeup or how to enhance beauty those kind of things. You need to try educate your readers while letting your personality shine through.

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