Lamees Romaney shares her 10 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil.  Lamees Romaney is our guest contributor on Health and Wellness. Every week Lamees shares her tips and advice on living a well balanced healthy lifestyle.


1. Skin Moisturiser
Rub into skin immediately after bathing to help lock in moisture.

2. Make-up Remover
Warm some oil between your hands and then firmly massage your face to remove make-up and impurities. I usually massage for a minute or two and then gently wipe my face with a warm, wet face cloth.

3. Lip Balm
Rub onto lips as a natural lip balm.

4. Mouthwash/Oil Pulling
Place a generous blob of oil in your mouth and keep swishing for at least 10 minutes to kill any bacteria in your mouth, eliminate bad breath and boost your immune system (yes, your digestive tract starts with your mouth!) Do not swallow the oil – spit out into a cup/bin and do not spit into the basin as the oil will solidify once cold. Rinse with warm, salty water.

5. Hair Treatment
Massage your scalp and hair with the oil, wrap in a scarf to prevent ruining your pillow cases, and then allow the oil to deeply moisturise your hair overnight. Wash hair as usual and rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar. Trust me, you won’t smell it once your hair has dried! (More on the amazing benefits of ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar – in a future post)

(also see Lamees’s posts on Juice last month)


6. Body Exfoliator
Mix some oil with white sugar or coarse salt and use as a body exfoliator. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells but the massage action also improves lymph drainage. Two great benefits with only one action!

7. Baby Bum Cream
Use as a moisturising barrier cream after each diaper change, and apply more often if baby has a rash.

8. Sunscreen
Coconut Oil has a natural SPF4 and can safely be used as a moisturiser, unlike many other natural oils. Mix with some plain Zinc Cream/Ointment and use as a sunscreen for kids. This homemade sunscreen is gentle enough to use on my daughter’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

9. Natural Vapour Rub
This is by far my favourite external use of coconut oil! Mix some oil with a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and store in a tub – use this natural remedy to rub on your tight chest and neck when needed. Gently rubbing this mixture onto my son’s chest stops his night time coughing quickly and effectively.
I also rub this mixture behind mine and my children’s ears when we fly (before take-off and landing) to prevent pressure from building and yes, I’m that lady offering all the moms of screaming children the oil onboard! Try it the next time you fly and let us know the result.

10. Massage Oil
Coconut oil melts easily when warmed in your hands and can be used as a natural oil. Feel free to add your favourite essential oils, depending on the type of massage. Arnica Oil helps sore and tired muscles, Lavender Oil is relaxing and aids sleep and Rosemary and Lemon will boost your mood. (More about the numerous benefits, both internal and external, of Essential Oils in a later post)

Bonus Use:

11. Insect Repellant
Add a couple drops of Citronella and Tea Tree oil to some coconut oil and rub onto your skin to naturally repel those annoying mosquitoes.

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