This year’s flu seems particularly vicious. These products are Lamees’ go-to natural medicines and supplements for when she has a cold or the flu. Lamees gives us her top 6 flu remedies and a bonus Tumeric tea recipe !

1. A.Vogel’s Echinaforce

this homeopathic remedy is what I call a super immune booster and can nip a cold in the bud if you take it early enough. Continue taking it even if you are already ill and it will help your body to fight the infection.

2. Septogard from TIBB –

this is a herbal antibiotic which can also be used as an immune booster when you are not ill (I only use it when necessary and not as a daily booster)

3. Vit D drops –

because we don’t get enough of this essential vitamin daily

4. Vit B –

to give my body the energy it needs when I am run down

5. Zinc –

an effective natural cold remedy but also an essential trace mineral

6. Lypo-spheric Vitamin C –

my new discovery. These sachets of VitaminC globules are not absorbed via the gut, instead passing straight into your cell, which allows you to take high dosages of Vitamin C without getting diarrhea! I take 2 sachets (2000mg) at a time, a couple times a day when I am sick.

Flu Remedies with Lamees Romaney Health and Wellness with StyleAfricaTurmeric Tea

This wonderfully aromatic and tasty tea is a great immune booster, anti-inflammatory and also a detox drink!

1 tsp ground Turmeric
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper
1 TBSP Honey (or less to taste, depending on your preference)
2 cm ginger – finely sliced
Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Mix all of the ingredients and top with hot water. Leave to steep for 5 minutes and enjoy while hot!

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