The Hariri Collection

We get pretty excited about finding new African fashion to love & wear, and this week, we’re directing all that love and excitement at the innovative African fashion brand KISUA. Not only have they produced some stunning pieces since their launch late in 2013, but they have also collaborated to create several more. KISUA, meaning ‘well-dressed person’ in swahili, lends support to talented African designers by creating capsule collections with them, getting involved at every stage – from design to sale – and making them available to the world (especially the USA and UK) on their website. The website was started by Samuel Mensah when he realised the level of demand for contemporary African clothing and decided to fill the gap and simultaneously support development in African fashion (read more about Samuel & KISUA in Style Africa’s Origins issue).


Photo credit: Misha Taylor


Photo credit: Misha Taylor

There’s even more to squeal about with KISUA’s brand new collection: Hariri. The name means ‘edit’, and the design team, led by South African designer Heni Este-Hijzen, has put together a stunning, precise edit of contemporary shapes and prints applied to wardrobe staples: pieces like the black, cocoon shaped, lightly sheened Cleopatra coat, the patterned, asymmetrically bordered Chari wrap skirt, and the voluminous, universally flattering togo top are pieces that, while being on trend, will become firm favourites in several wardrobes this year and for years to come. The team describes the collection as a venture directed at a ‘streamlined, modern approach to effortless dressing.’ Mission accomplished. See some of our favourite pieces below & take a look behind the scenes of their campaign shoot, shot by Misha Taylor.


Photo credit: Misha Taylor


Photo credit: Misha Taylor

By Modupe Oloruntoba

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