KaiKa Jewellery


KaiKa Jewellery, founded by sisters Sharmn Cola and Shahnaz Cola Wrensch, is a contemporary jewellery brand that embodies exclusivity and authenticity of style.

Only stocking leading international designer collections, KaiKa brings South African jewellery aficionados one-step closer to fashion perfection. “KaiKa is all about loving your life and not treating it as if it’s dress rehearsal, so express yourself and have fun with your look. KaiKa jewellery is all about being yourself and loving who you are. Enjoy!” –       Sharmn Cola

KaiKa specialises in a carefully curated offering of one off pieces, exquisite gemstone jewellery and exclusive collections previously only seen on the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer, Kelly Rowland and Elle Macpherson. As KaiKa is all about exclusivity, Sharmn and Shahnaz stock only one boutique in South Africa preferring to utalise the KaiKa online retail platform.  The sisters also host private sales in Cape Town or Johannesburg each month. Their promise, whatever your budget they will find the perfect piece for you.


I pride myself on having an unusual taste in jewellery and sharing this inspiration is very important to me. I don’t like having the same as everyone else and my whole philosophy is to be able to offer to my clients what I love – to be bold, different and stylish.” Sharmn Cola

Entrepreneur Sharmn Cola established KaiKa, after leaving a diverse career in the hospitality industry. Eager to embark on a creative journey to explore her passion for jewellery and design, she now fills her days researching inspiring designers, liaising with clients and running the business side of the brand. Sharmn’s sister and business partner, Shahnaz, an award winning beauty blogger and celebrity makeup artist, assists with the marketing and promotion side of the business. Since embarking on the journey and exploring their unique style aesthetic, Sharmn and Shahnaz are closer than ever and exceptionally excited to see what the future has in store for their dynamic jewellery brand.

To explore KaiKa please visit: http://kaikajewellery.com

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