Thula Sindi


Renowned award winning fashion designer Thula Sindi launched his Spring-Summer 2014/15 range to the press and media of South Africa on APRIL 30, 2014, upon his return from Shanghai, China, where he was the guest of honour and where he showcased to delegates at an event celebrating the 20 years of Democracy in South Africa.

This range – which can be defined as his best and most mature work yet – comprised of around 40 looks, that each fell within five title “stories” and concepts, which inspired the clothes:

Gorgeous Grace

Gorgeous Grace

Gorgeous GraceThe Gorgeous Grace theme is about a classic idea of femininity through the lens of Alfred Hitchcock.  This is an onscreen femme-fatale, much like Grace Kelly or Tippi Hedren. This theme is characterised by strong yet fragile but achingly stylish.  There’s fine Chantilly lace, huge volumes of skirts and decadent brocades that are constructed into formidable dresses that look and feel like a million bucks.

Wild Colour

Wild ColourThe Wild colour theme is about exuberance and being willing to risk looking tacky or gaudy. This is inspired by the woman who is not afraid to be ferocious in leopard print or to shock in electric pink. These two risky elements are combined in light weight printed suede with touches of gold embellishments or gold zippers and the intense colour of neoprene.

Playful Print

Playful PrintThe “Playful Print” theme and story is inspired by wallpaper (the faded & jarring prints) and wall flowers (shy women who would rather blend in). With these two ideas in mind, I set out to create a story of items that specifically played on print; whether it was overpowering and fashion forward (as in the baroque curlicues skirt and cropped top), or muted (as in the printed trapeze dress in a dusty navy blue and faded central print detail). This is print at its most subtle and it’s most vibrant.

Urban Pretty

Urban PrettyThis theme is inspired by modern day fairy tale set in any busy city across the globe. We may no longer have SJP as Carry Bradshaw, but the big city girl looking for love whilst navigating her path to fulfil her career dreams is exactly what inspired ‘Urban Pretty’. The very soft and feminine juxtaposed with the brash, flashy and dark.

African Kaleidoscope

African KaleidoscopeThe “African Kaleidoscope” story is inspired by my need to embrace colour; I referenced the idea of the “Seven Colours” lunch many South African households cook on Sundays: how can one wear seven colours and still look uniquely African and sophisticated? The first step was to pair abstract prints that had been transferred on top of embroidered cotton (instead of the regular flat surface fabric) that give off a subtle and modern African feel and combine them with a tech and performance textile in the form of Neoprene used primarily for scuba diving wet-suits.African Kaleidoscope is a globally-appealing and eye-catching way to bring African print and colour into your wardrobe.

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