Portrait of a Queen chic turban styling with Roshan Isaacs

Roshan Isaacs, the “Queen of Turban Styling”, hosted a chic turban styling workshop at the trendy Bromwell Boutique in Woodstock offering her guests a luxury experience in both food, tea and turban styling.  Making every women acknowledge their worth, Roshan surprised her guests when she serenaded them with Aretha Franklin’s “You make me Feel like a natural women”. Paying tribute to all the people in our lives who make women feel like the Queen of the home, workplace, and society as a whole.  Some guests were brought to tears and felt empowered by her words.

Portrait of a Queen Chic Turban Styling with Roshan Isaacs

Roshan has enjoyed styling turbans for as long as she can remember and recently took to researching the beauty and diversity of turban styling across culture and religion and also looks at the latest runway and celeb trends.  This led her to share her knowledge of turban styling by launching her first workshop which accommodated a group of 10 women at a time in order to give them individual attention.

Portrait of a Queen Chic Turban Styling with Roshan Isaacs

Guests were entertained with a one scarf many styles demonstration, and reminded to make good use of one scarf and not confine themselves to wearing it ‘only’ one way.  The rest of the workshop was divided into three sets of three, starting with a basic, intermediary then advanced style.  Roshan demonstrated how to drape the classic, twisted and braided turban in the first set. Guests were then left to try the classic turban themselves while Roshan adjusted each of their turbans to suit their face.

Portrait of a Queen Chic Turban Styling with Roshan Isaacs

As an added benefit, guests at the Portrait of a Queen chic turban styling event were joined by Qaanita Abrahams of OnQ Makeup who spoke about the latest winter trend “the moody lip” and how to apply it.  Aashiqah Gire Salie demonstrated how her handmade AashiqahGCollection jewellery pieces complimented, enhanced and adds glam to any turban style. A special THANKS to both guests speakers, Aashiqah Gire Salie and Qaanita Abrahams as well as Precious Rose, Flormar and The Bromwell Boutique for the lovely gifts each of our guests received.

Portrait of a Queen chic turban styling with Roshan

A BIG THANK YOU to the beautiful Queens who attended the Portrait of a Queen Chic Turban Styling event

Haniefa, Shemeera, Shamiema, Shahieda, Shireen, Rabia, Zulayga, Shanaaz, Rushda, Gadija, Nadia, Zy-yan, Faeza, Wisaal, Kulthum, Weedaad, Farhana, Sara and Sherazaan

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Roshan can be contacted on: info@styleafrica.co.za

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