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Fazar was inadvertently introduced to design decades ago when Ridwan Suder’s great grandmother picked up her first needle and thread, and over all this time, it’s a skill that was developed and passed on from generation to generation.

Now, Fazar being a family business, the founding members decided to collaborate, utilising the skills they possessed amongst them, to create a brand that encompassed their vision. Ridwan Suder, the Designer behind the label Fazar Couture shares his design story with us here.

Fazar Couture - Style Africa Fashion Network

It all starts somewhere

“Growing up in a household where both my parents were creatives, my mom being a fashion designer and my dad an award winning travel journalist meant that I was always exposed to a creative way of thinking, so naturally I excelled at writing and had a keen eye for fashion, and yet little did I know that many years later I would be co-owner of my very own proudly South African designer brand. As I grew I became more aware of the term “social responsibility” and realised that there are a number of individuals within our modern society that are being done a disservice by others and so I decided that even though I may not be a psychologist, I sure as hell could empower those individuals through creative fashion design.”

In a country where mental and physical abuse is rife, Fazar Couture hopes to stand resolute in the ideology of empowerment, inspiring people today, to take back what was lost yesterday so that they can progress in the future, all by means of inspiring confidence through creative fashion design.

From Rocket Scientist to Fashion Designer

“During my early years at school I really wanted to become a rocket scientist only to realize after flunking math consistently that perhaps a career with the absence of mathematical equations would be a more preferable option and so I decided to focus my attention on something I knew I was better at, and that was designing.

As a teenager I had my sights set on becoming a graphic designer, a career I believed would be a perfect fit for my natural abilities but at the same time, I was always intrigued by human psychology and the older I got the more appealing the thought of studying psychology became to me. However my love for art was much too overpowering and after high school I decided I would study Graphic Design & Media Communications, a choice I am grateful to have made right to this day. Learning these skills has helped me brand and market my own label and has earned and saved me an inordinate amount of money over the years.”

Even after all this time, I still thought rather fondly of what could’ve been had I studied psychology and so I decided that when creating Fazar, fashion psychology would play a huge role in terms of the companies brand culture. This balanced infusion of creativity and psychology has helped us to understand the needs of our clients and connect with them on a very real level.

Fazar Couture - Style Africa Fashion Network

Finding a Design Signature

“We live in an age of fashion that expects people to be unique and what better way to express this than to be yourself using fashion as a form of creative expression. We at Fazar offer a unique, interactive experience in which the client plays a role in the design process by collaborating with the designers. The idea is to create a connection between the client and designer by indoctrinating them within the culture of the brand.

“Fazar acknowledges the vast spectrum of fashion design globally based on cultural, trending or seasonal fashion motives and has diversified and expanded upon their clothing ranges and services offered.

Our intention for Fazar, is to be recognized as a champion of the people, where communities can be uplifted and inspired through its creativity. The Fazar brand is diverse in its bouquet of service offerings in that we create custom designed bespoke suiting, high fashion couture, wedding gowns, prom dresses, Middle Eastern wear and most recently, a designer toddler range.”

Fazar Couture - Style Africa Fashion Network

The Influence of South Africa

“A massive influence derived from being a proudly South African fashion designer has got to be attributed towards our rich heritage, diversity of culture and traditions. I think being exposed to the business possibilities of this industry, the interesting people you meet and watching the growth of other successful designers in the past has also made a significant impact in terms of my own ambitions for the Fazar brand. I believe the fashion industry will continue to grow for as long as there is a need for people wanting to be unique in expressing themselves.”

Fazar Couture - Style Africa Fashion Network

About this Design

Opulent by nature, the black and gold couture gown from Fazar is a stunning 360 degree showstopper that was exquisitely crafted with hand stitched applique applied to the gown. It features a low cut back that includes straps and is designed from a textile called scuba, used for a number of years in high street fashion. It promotes comfortability through its soft, stretchable properties.


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Thank You Ridwan Suder for sharing your design story with Style Africa

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