Style Africa is proud to have talented STYLISTS, MAKEUP ARTISTS, and HEALTH AND WELLNESS, professionals and influences contributing to our proudly South African initiatives. Meet them below

Lamees Romaney – Owner Pomegranate Wellness and Events 

Mom of 3, Wife, Events and Marketing Manager, Charitable Fundraiser, Curious Cubs Instructor and aspirant holistic well being guide, also known as ‘Collagen Dealer’. Wellness Wednesday offers a platform for women to be inspired, motivated and nurtured. Aspiring to offer a holistic timeout that feeds both your mind, body and soul.”To follow my own gut – that instinct, 6th sense or whatever you prefer to call it, will always guide you in terms of your health.”

Farzaanah Richards – Blogger of Xana Makeup & Style. 

I started blogging in January 2012. My blog was basically an online journal / diary about everything I felt passionate about. I started logging thoughts about my faith, my grandmother’s passing, mothering two girls and it was a platform for me to share my undying love for good music, beauty and all things fashion. While giving birth to a blog, I was concurrently studying makeup artistry and Public Relations Management. Upon completion of the makeup course, I decided to use my blog to showcase my makeup and styling portfolio, as well as share my beauty and fashion experiences with whoever appreciated it.

Leda Wright – Guest Stylist

I’ve been working on the international fashion scene since I started styling 8 years ago so I’m excited to get more involved with South African fashion.
Pride and patriotism – having travelled abroad quite a lot I know that our fashion is right up there with the rest of them – I’m proud to say I am South African and i love watching how so many foreigners draw inspiration from us. My favorite thing to say is “without passion there is nothing – so if you going to do something do it to the fullest and with as much passion as you can possibly put into it! I also love the James Dean quote”dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

Jolandi Morkel – Online Editor

I think I probably got my love for fashion from my mom. I can still remember the swatches from Chata Romano’s books that she used to show me. They indicated which colours suited my skin tone and which ones I should stay away from– thank goodness for that because the world does NOT need to see me in MUSTARD! She also taught me what to wear to suit my body type and where I should accentuate and where I should “hide”. My mom’s always been up to date with trends and she’s still super stylish. I think South African fashion is at a very exciting stage because the rest of the world are starting to focus on us and finding inspiration from African cultures and for example prints. I love how our fashion is just as diverse as our country’s cultures

Foyin Ogunrombi – Guest Fashion Correspondent

If you’ve ever encountered Nigerian women, you’ll know one thing: they love fashion. Dressing in Nigeria brings about a culture of bright colours and luxurious accessories and beautiful fabrics – something instilled into me from my mother and her love of fashion. South African fashion presents not only the past of South Africa, but a very bright future. South Africa’s multiculturalism is one of the most inspiring things to see, and it is also something that is so elegantly represented in the fashion industry. There is a certain aspect of tolerance in the fact that there’s a type of colour or brand for everyone and even within that, there are sects that are so diverse that they accommodate a multitude of tastes. The industry has such promise and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for the future!

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