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Half Nigerian, half Ghana”ian, Adeola Ariyo believes that people should be proud of where they’re from. We posed a few questions to Adeola about being proudly African.


“I strongly believe in unity and being able to back your country, your nation no matter what.  They may not necessarily be doing the best of things but at the end of the day that’s your blood, that’s where you’re from, that’s where your family is, it’s your heritage…. it’s basically you!”


 Adeola describes herself as edgy, chic and tomboyish.  Below: Shana gives Adeola an edgy but elegant look, while w35t brings the tomboy out.

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“You should stand for who you are and where you’re from. You should never forget where you come from and you should also teach it to your children, because it’s big.  It’s something I appreciate ’cause I didn’t grow up in Nigeria. The fact that I know how to speak my mother tongue is amazing. You shouldn’t let that die, you should continue to teach the younger generation , so they can keep that heritage going.”

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CREDITS: Stylist: Leda Wright | Hair and Make-up: Marlinette Newman | Photographer: Shavan Rahim | Videographer: Jamie O’Brien

Adeola’s message of HOPE

 “It’s good to teach our children values and morals, because it’s something important to have as they grow”

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