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Dele-ige Upsee - intern 2017 style africaAs a Nigerian having to study in South Africa and also interact with designers here, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn how to create pieces that are of international standard; in terms of quality work and innovation; right from the process of designing, up to the construction of the garments.

I have also been afforded the opportunity to interact with the nationals, and so have been able to learn a bit about their culture and diversity which would be reflected in my pieces, thereby giving it meaning and individuality. I have observed that South Africa is a place of fantastic colours, and so I have also chosen the use of colours as one of the elements of my brand.

The first thing Opeoluwa proud of about South Africa is the quality of Fashion Design Education in the country. She says, the Fashion Design institutions are giving all it takes to give their students the best education in Fashion, and Opeoluwa is proud to be a product of the Fashion Institute of Garment Technology (FIGT), the sister campus of the Cape Town College of Fashion design (CTCFD). Opeoluwa says;

I am an advocate of the tribal prints as it remains the identity of the African continent and also displays how colourful we are in Africa. And it is a thing of joy that these tribal prints are now seen on the international runways.

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