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Next Generation of Creatives with styleXposure

Creatives Portfolio Expansion by styleXposure

Stylexposure is a collaborative bi-annual project that aims to draw focus on the creative industry of South Africa, by utilising the next generation of creatives through style, glamour and luxury.

There are 2 components to styleXposure which run adjacent to the other, 1) influencer to brand collaboration and 2) Creatives Production:

Influencer to brand Collaboration

6 bloggers were selected and assigned tasks utilising approached brands to create content.

Creatives Production

Up-and-coming designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, models were selected to promote multicultural arts, ethnic diversity, and a positive SA image showcasing our South African creatives to the world!

As a work integrated learning project and professional business practice course, the creatives worked together to highlight and promote South Africa as a Luxury Design Destination.

Through the 2017 project styleXposure collaborated with the following brands:

The Social Media links: FaceBook | Twitter | Instagram

The closing event of styleXposure 2017 and the handing over of the prizes took place on the 14 December 2017

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