At Style Africa Fashion Network we work with almost EVERYONE in the Design Industry and sometimes across industries.  Our network is so huge, it crosses land and ocean. 

We have contacts from International Fashion Weeks to Local Fashion Weeks.  We are hooked up with photographers, videographers, bloggers, influences, business coaches, business gurus, designers, makeup artists, models, health and fitness coaches, stylists, jewelers.....etc

What we are trying to say is our network is large enough to connect you with whatever it is you desire!

Looking to collaborate with someone - WE GOT YOU COVERED

Looking for a designer garment - WE GOT YOU COVERED

Looking for a one stop photo or video production - WE GOT YOU COVERED


We believe that if we aren't able to assist you, we know someone who can. 

We believe that when our plate is full, someone else's may be empty.

We hardly ever say no and ensure that we connect you with someone who is as qualified and eager to work with you as much as we are.

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