Terms and Conditions

Our terms are simple as we do not wish to confuse you with any legal mumbo jumbo.

Due to the bespoke and once off nature of the items sold on styleafrica.co.za there are 

  1. No exchanges
  2. and No refunds

Items sold on styleafrica.co.za are either

  1. made to measure,
  2. bespoke,
  3. one size only (NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL)
  4. or exclusive to StyleAfrica


Minimum delivery time is 3days with a maximum of 3 weeks.

Once an order is processed, it confirms your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

*Style Africa promotes, develops and supports African Designers.  Our capsule collections feature one to 3 pieces of  a Designers collection and not their whole collection.  We select only one to 3 items from each designer as a way of promoting and marketing them to you the Buyer to make you aware of our beautiful, creative and dynamic design industry so that you can show your love and support by going over to their physical or online shop and buy local.