RebelFunk specialize in exclusive fashion accessories and jewellery based on the latest upcoming trends for each season.  Focusing on the  modern young woman who consider themselves as professional and sophisticated, yet trendy, sexy, and most of all...FIERCE! 

Meet Raushana and Farah, owners of RebelFunk – together they strive to bring you fashion forward accessories that embodies exceptional value and style, along with great quality, affordability, and fantastic customer service.

Farah Bibi introduces us to the REBELFUNK brand.

How would you describe RebelFunk

The brand RebelFunk speaks to all. There is not one specific demographic that I would like to target but to all that feel fashion within themselves and that I feel would be the signature of RebelFunk.

What influences your accessories selection

When making selections there are many factors that are considered such as, trend, fashion and quality, however our main objective is looking at previous sales and seeing what our customers are reacting to.  This speaks to us as a brand and helps us deliver the best pieces at the most affordable prices.


Who is your customer

The RebelFunk customer is anyone who wants to add an edge to their outfit.


How is your business a reflection of your personality?

I think my business is a true reflection of who I am, it brings me hope and joy of any success within it. Being a new generation business it is very hard and patience is not one of my strong suits however, I feel that because we are a small generation business we are able to react to trends quicker thus being an advantage and benefit of its kind.

What is your description of the business of fashion?

Being an independent person and starting to work at a very young age, I always found myself in Fashion Retail whilst studying. I never envisioned loving it this much, hence having a national diploma in events management because, I thought that was my passion. After finishing my studies and working in events management, I realize completely how much I loved fashion and how it drives me to heights I myself could not imagine.


Who inspires you

My biggest inspiration would be my grandfather, Judge Essa Moosa. Growing up with him and having him as a role model, really made me want to be as successful as he is. Till this day he sees the true value of me, that I do not even see myself. Furthermore, my greatest want for my business is to be fully operational within a retail space and this is in the plan for the near future.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ~Coco Chanel

Where to Buy

RebelFunk is currently trading on TakeAlot and previously on Zando. On a regular basis we host open day’s or attend events with our latest range on show. Feel free to have a look at our website or like our RebelFunk facebook page and follow us on  RebelFunk Instagram.



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