Lamees Romaney is always conscious of the well being of those around her.  Consistently researching and introducing her community to the best in health and wellness, Lamees  welcomes Doctors, Health Practitioners, Cooks, Beauticians and other health professionals to speak, enlighten and advise on the beauty of living a well balanced life.

As our Style Africa guest Wellness Columnist Lamees shares her GO FOR GREEN juice ingredients for an incredible energy boost!


1/2 cucumber
2 green apples
5cm ginger
1/2 lemon with peel
1 cup raw spinach
Optional- 2 stalks celery

Juice all the ingredients and drink in the morning for an incredible energy boost. This juice has anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe any inflammation and also detoxes the body.

* If you suffer from low blood pressure, omit the celery as you may feel lightheaded.

Lamees Romaney – Wellness Wednesdays

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