Meet Ayshah Allie designer of the label Human Image

Ayshah Allie Human Image Homemade Out of This World popup Style Africa

Since I can remember I have always loved the creativity of fashion, always snooping around in my Aunt’s Vogue magazines during the late ’80s. Using massive silk scarves to create an outfit. When I started traveling abroad I started buying beautiful fabrics and unique pieces.

The brand unfolds as a lifestyle brand, it takes you beyond just buying a garment off the rail. It is about understanding how you choose to feel before even looking at the rail. Its feminine features lends itself to all shapes and sizes and no women walks away without feeling as though the garment she chooses has been hand selected especially for her. It is a highly ethical brand and promotes conscious shopping with every collection.

In my opinion the biggest challenge we face is the limited resources, however it is met with the ultimate pool of creativity we as Africans have – so in hindsight the industry is resilient.

The rise of creatives, the dynamic brands that has made its way to runways and the collaboratives that has built frontiers in order to capture a larger market share.

human image homemade popup out of this world - style africa

Human Image style tips for summer

Invest in Natural Fabrics.

Lightweight Parkas!!!

Maxi’s are must haves.

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Visit the popup at homemade Out of This World 25th to 30th November

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