You have two choices: either you can hire us to manage your social media OR you can do it yourself. We’re all about sharing and quite happy to show you how.

On Saturday 26th June, Style Africa’s editor-in-chief Roshan Isaacs will be hosting a 3hour online workshop on getting your brand seen on instagram. Roshan will share her tools and strategies for how to effectively market your business on social media with the aim of helping you grow your brands social media presence and truly connect with your customer/client. Each guest will receive an ebook which covers each step, allowing you to master your brands social media presence with ease.

“I believe in finding simple solutions to what others see as an arduous task. You can achieve great things when you are given the tools and knowledge to do so. In my step by step approach to social media marketing, you’ll be able to identify your brands key connectors to better connect with your target market, you’ll create a template for your brand which can be used over and over again across your social media, and lastly you’ll save a ton of money and time with your new found ability to plan your content and schedule in advance.

Roshan Isaacs


About Roshan Isaacs

Roshan Isaacs is an ex Broadcast Operations Specialist and award recipient of the CEO’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government in the Media Sector, as well as the Margaret Hirsch Business Women of the year finalist. After an 18 year span in radio and tv broadcasting, Roshan switched careers and tackled the Fashion Industry from a media perspective. She sought to create a media space that highlighted the artists in South Africa as there weren’t many media companies soley focused on African fashion at the time. In less than a year her company was globally recognised and she was soon invited to speak and present Africa fashion on world stages, forums, and trade events. She believes that media and marketing play an integral role in being heard and seen when building your brands credibility and that no business should shy away from the spotlight.

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