The highlight of Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, was watching Lara Klawikowski’s Spring/Summer15 Collection, “YouYou” easing the ramp with a sense of awkwardness and ease. Her unconventional collection is fresh, feminine and intriguing.
Compelled and keen to establish the details of what exactly inspired “You/You”, and having been completely blown away by the various textures and design structure, I commenced with a brief interview.
Interview by Farzaanah Richards (Style Reporter)


Q: What inspired the “You/You” SS15 Collection?

 LK: Our Spring/Summer 2015/16 collection was inspired by the awkwardness, uncertainty and unnecessary pressure young women sometimes feel while getting dressed for an event where they are expected to ‘dress-up’. I created a collection for women who want to dress-up differently, unconventionally and unexpectedly, wearing pieces they find intriguing and love, even it means clashing with a dress code. I explored the history of dressing up, specifically the history of corsetry, and drew inspiration from the layered architecture of corsetry and the intricacy of the old-fashioned construction details. I drew inspiration from early 20th century beach scenes, a time when a more relaxed approach to stringent corsetry was emerging. I also experimented with an alternative method of re-fabricating lace-like textures.

Q: Which fabrics were used and why?

LK: We re-fabricated materials to create interesting textured pieces to use in the garments. The fabrics have a paper-mache-like look. It is way of creating coloured, texture surfaces with slight strength and gives the garments structured proportions.


Q: What was the highlight of your collection and the actual show?

LK: Seeing the garments on the models in the line-up seconds before they hit the runway. Standing backstage while the show was happening – thrilling energy.

Q: Was there any part of the YouYou collection and the show that you may not have been as proud of? If so, please elaborate.

LK: No, loved it all.

Q: How and where can we purchase your SS15 collection?

LK: The Bromwell Boutique Mall – 250 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town from September
Custom-order the pieces from my studio – email lara@laraklawikowski.com

Interview with Lara Klawikowski – Designer behind the brand


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