Designers play an important role in the reputation and national image of their home country. Also worthy of note is the vital role they play in preserving the heritage of their home country as well as the art and culture. I should also not fail to mention the huge role they play in the development of the economy of their home country.  Their entrepreneurial spirits and activities help in creating employment for the unemployed; developing the skills of young people who themselves become entrepreneurs and through their international transactions, they generate revenue for themselves and their home country.

South African Designers however have not only been able to do something for their home country, the quality of their work and the innovation behind their designs have pushed their work beyond the borders of South Africa to the international scene.  Quite a number of designers have been able to showcase their pieces on the international runways .

South African Designers have been inspired by the country’s arts, culture and something peculiar to a particular tribe and created designs and garments from such to be projected to the whole world.


One of the South African designers who has been able to create amazing pieces is Laduma Ngxokolo, who is one of Africa’s finest textile and knitwear designer inspired by the Xhosa tribe’s beadwork. His knitwear collection brought colour into the world of knitwear and  because of this received numerous awards, most of which were international awards. His works have also attracted lovers of fashion not only here in South Africa but in other parts of the world such as Italy, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York etc.


Another South African designer whose influence in the fashion industry has gone beyond the borders of South Africa is David Tlale. He is an innovative and daring designer, inspired by the cultural diversity in South africa amd as a reault was avle to create a brand that stands out in the fashion industry.

As an award winning brand, he was the first South African Designer to singlehandedly showcase his brand at the Mercedes Benz New York fashion show.

He is a Designer who is not only for himself, but has taken it upon himself to contribute to the future of fashion design in South Africa by investing in Fashion Design students, a project he called “The Intern”.

He believes South African Designers have the capacity to be excellent and also produce high standard garments, so he coaches these students over a period of time, taking them through the drills of making exceptional pieces, after which he gives them a platform to showcase what they have worked on.

He is a successful designer who believes in hard work and an ambassador for not only about glitz and glam. He is an ambassador for Change-4-Ever an initiative for poverty alleviation in  Southern Africa.

The Expoits of South African Design - The Global Influence of South African Designers - The Global Inflluence of South African Designers - Style Africa - Opeoluwa Dele-Ige


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