South African Fashion Designers have snuck up on the world and took it by storm.

South Africa has been branded and associated with many things such as the legendary Nelson Mandela that put an end to Apartheid, the not so wonderful 2010 soccer world cup and of course that illusion that there are lions walking through the city streets.

One thing people do not look for in South Africa is the fashion weeks.

Over the years we have grown accustom to looking at American and European countries as your ultimate source of fashion inspiration. This is understandable due to the fact most of our stores stock imported garments.

We never truly look to our local designers for fashion inspiration, we would rather leave it for the fashion bloggers, magazine editors, fashion reporters and local celebrities.  Never realising the beauty in native fashion.

When the reality is in actual fact that South African Designers have managed to make huge waves in the ocean of the fashion world.  Many designers have received international acknowledgement for their creative, colourful and cultured works of art.  South African fashion designers have this remarkable way of constructing a garment that is inspired from our heritage, including a kaleidoscope of colours, layers of fabric and exotic patterns.  These designs have managed to bring accross African cultured attire in modern ways.  People from all corners of the globe get to experience the vibrant, warm glow Africa has to offer.

Fashion Designers such as Palesa Mokubung has seen displaying her beautiful designs at the Daimler Contemporary Art Exhibition in Berlin. She was then nominated for the South African Art and Culture Award and she won Greece’s Annual Fashion Forward International Thessaloniki show.  Truly inspiring.

One of my personal Favourites Laduma Ngxocolo’s MaXhosa collection is definitely something to rave about.  He has taken knitwear to limits we could not even dream of. His breathtaking pieces have been showcased at the Palazzo Morando show in Milan, Italy.  He has certainly earned the respect of fashion designers around the world.

Then ofcourse we cannot talk South African fashion without mentioning the phenomenal David Tlale.  Since launching his own personal brand in 2003, he has certainly made his mark in the local and international fashion world.  He is well known for bringing a little drama to both his garments and runway shows.  He has been acknowledged by ‘Elle Magazine’ and has had his work showcased in many international fashion weeks.

South African fashion designers have inspired many other designers around the world to incorporate different patterns, colours and layers to their work.  International fashion lovers now look at South African fashion as something they can add to their daily fashion forward outfits.

In conclusion I think at the end of the day we have to remember that we are proud of our country for pushing the South African brand and letting the world hear our voice.  South Africa has a lot of interesting and life changing history.  The fact that our country was once so divided and our people managed to make it through that, proves to the younger generation that South Africa is truly a rainbow nation. The fashion industry is certainly not an easy place to find oneself, but we have many designers to thank for earning its seat and its table.

Global Influence of South African Design

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