Founded by Nicki Ellis in January 2013, love milo is a Cape Town based design brand boasting an array of contemporary ceramics, wood pieces, fabric creations and tealight lanterns. Specialising in intricate homeware and décor products, Nicki is passionately dedicated to the use of sustainable materials sourced within South Africa.

When Nicki, a film colourist and photographer by trade, fell pregnant with her son Milo in 2012 she found herself incredibly inspired to create. “I started getting all sorts of ideas about new things I wanted to do and create. I felt as if he was the catalyst for my newfound passion and artistry. I thought it only fitting to name the company after him,” she explained.

Built on a vision to become a leader in ethically responsible and recognised African homeware, Nicki ensures that all wood is sourced through alien clearing. “While being fair to our local resources we wanted to be recognised as the ‘go to’ brand for chic, cutting edge yet proudly African product”, she said.

The concept of perfection through imperfection is what sets love milo apart from other brands. love milo offers a unique blend of fabric, ceramics and wood, in combination with hand crafted designs inspired by exceptional nature photography. “Our designs are not created by computer, we like to keep the raw feel of the natural elements – this is what gives the patterns a slight imperfection which is so hard to recreate,” Nicki explained when asked about her design process.

Inspired by the natural aesthetic of the Stellenbosch landscape, the Botanical Collection is designed around the use of subtle colour and pattern variation. “We have always done purely monochrome designs and I wanted to start incorporating some colour, but at the same time not sway too far from the original feel of love milo,” said Nicki. The collection was designed in such a way that each product would be recognisable but with subtle touches of her botanical vision.

The Botanical Collection boasts delicate fern prints aimed at the modern woman looking to add
contemporary feminine detail to her home.

Shop love milo online here.

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