Red Carpet Make-Up look

This past weekend, the who’s who of fashion all made their way to the Red-Carpet event for the Awards Evening of the BOKEH Fashion Film Festival.

Make-up and hair artist, Marlinette Newman also attended and transformed herself from plain Jane to drop dead gorgeous with a few strokes of her, what we might see as magic make-up wands, to walk the red carpet.

If you wish that you could do the same without having a personal make-up artist at your beck and call, there’s hope .

Marlinette says that, “make-up is not your enemy, it is not that hard to master, and it is there to give you that boost when most needed”. Her hearts’ desire is to empower women by teaching them the knowledge and skills to have some of this Transformative Power in their own hands.

She shares her make-up tricks and tips with us:

See her full post on the BOKEH Fashion Film Festival here.

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