Dr. Leila’s Renascent Health: aesthetic practice has been the culmination of a lifelong yearning for a space where a patient is held through their suffering and guided to an almost unpredictable level of wellness.

Living by the belief that everything we do is divinely inspired and this calling to become a doctor and healer is simply an extension of that. Aesthetics is an integral part of wellness in many ancient healing practices and is by no means a new science. Dr Leila has long had the passion for making beautiful things and practicing aesthetics as an outlet to provide further healing.

We welcome Dr Leila Sadien to our lifestyle column where she will illuminate our lives with healthy living advice, tips and resourceful information.  We get to know the illustrious, elegant and well loved Dr Leila.

Dr Leila

How is your practice different to other GP’s

I am an integrative doctor which means that the medicine I practice is based on both western medicine as well as alternative healing principles. I apply these principles in treatment, but also in how I take a case history or simply even how I manage the patient doctor relationship. Basically treatment of illness often includes lifestyle and dietary advice along with a prescription for supplements, herbs or medication if necessary. We also often refer to alternative therapists for further work that may be required to help shift the cause of the disease better.

How did your interest in medicine develop

Growing up I always knew I would become a healer, it seemed that everything was setting me up for it. When I finally became a medical student at UCT I was horrified at the lack of empathy and cold scientific manner with which disease was approached. I got into trouble a number of times for challenging the status quo by doing things like sitting on patient’s beds while talking to them or calling them by their first names. As a newly qualified doctor working in Baragwanath hospital, it devastated me how little we were really helping people.

At which point did you incorporate alternative healing into your practice

As a sufferer of a disease called cluster headache, I was forced to seek help in alternative healthcare and experienced the kind of healing closer to what I wanted to practice. And so I began formulating my plans for becoming an integrative doctor. This was then still an uncoined term and only when I first began studying homeopathy did I discover others just like me. Doctors who were unhappy with what medicine offered their patients and who we’re seeking a deeper, more meaningful method of healing to add to their scientific knowledge. I later joined an Integrative medicine certificate course at Stellenbosch university where I really learned to hone my skill and have since attended countless workshops and courses in the field.

How did your passion for healing ignite

My passion for aesthetics arose from my love of Beautiful things and, having been an overweight ugly duckling at school, I experienced first hand the benefits and joys of an aesthetic transformation. I believe that there is a beautiful swan inside all of us and delight in giving patients glimpses thereof or often just enhancing their already evident beauty. Feeling good about ones appearance is integral to feeling good about oneself and there is no question that the outer is a reflection of the inner. Integrated healthcare recognises that, as do all of the ancient healing arts, who all had aesthetics as part of their portfolio.

What more can we expect from Dr Leila

I would love to create a comprehensive centre of healing and beauty. A place where people can come and find any type of healing they require. I would also love to create an integrative hospital where really ill patients have access to alternative medicines if they wish or require it.

How does your business contribute to society as a whole

My business is a community project at this stage. If we can continue to teach patients about the benefits of an integrated approach at the rate we are doing everyday, then I believe we can contribute to a global positive change in the management of dis-ease as well as our idea of wellness.

Who are the people involved in the practice

The practice is currently run by me but I do have a beautiful soul as an associate, who is undoubtedly indispensable at this stage. Natalie Magerman is a beautician whose business is called Beauty Boutique and she and I manage the rest of the team. Nazia Khan from Bella rose is also a sessional beautician at the practice, while our shining new reception team consists of Tracey Amsterdam and Elnore Matandi.

Natalie Magerman and Dr Leila Sadien (pic credit: Pomegranate)

Natalie Magerman and Dr Leila Sadien (Pic credit: Pomegranate)


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